LAC: knock sensors on ovloV 740 & 760...

james accordino ssgacc at
Mon Dec 16 14:39:47 EST 2002

Do you know the Bosch P/N on these?  I've got a few
Audi knock sensors laying about.  If they have the
same p/n, I might have found a new source.  There are
many more late model Volvos at the junkyard than
Audis.  Go figure.

Jim Accordino

--- Gerard <gerard at> wrote:
> Sorry about this. Just didn't want to go sign up to
> another mailing list
> to figure this one out. The closest this comes to
> Audi content is that I
> might use the item on my own Audi.
> I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about
> the Bosch knock
> sensors on the Volvo 740 and 760. Are they linear
> response items or are
> they frequency tuned?
> Thanks.
> G.

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