Um... (computer glitches)

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at
Mon Dec 16 17:54:18 EST 2002

Hey, it's probably just the weather or a computer glitch, but did
anybody else just get about 30 old messages resent to them? (I'm
talking like back during the "badge engineering in Santa Cruz"

by the by, Santa Cruz is under water, and it's a fun drive if you can
find a spot without evil trees or other drivers.

-Ben Kaupp
'87 4kcsq (she sure don't get made fun of when she plows through
puddles and mud that are catching other cars!)
and a couple of convertibles that are snug in their beds and a boat
with a broken mast (from a madrone tree!)

Benjamin Kaupp
User Group Connection
bkaupp at

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