yikes....... Swamp in my car HELP

William Ng willng at netzero.net
Mon Dec 16 23:54:14 EST 2002

Yup, BTDT.  The previous owner of my 200q used that grommet for wiring, and
made a mess of it. Resulting in puddle on the driver's side.

A little bit of GE silicone sealant did the job.

As for drying out the interior...
Does your AC work?  If so, from now on, drive with it on, in recirculate mode.
At night, try to put a dehumidifier in the car, or in your closed garage,
with all the car windows open.
It will take some time to remove the water from BENEATH the carpeting.

Good luck!

At 03:39 PM 12/16/2002, Nate Beck wrote:

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>I parked my car in the driveway on Thursday last week, and did not drive it
>all weekend, It poured rain all weekend.  I got in it this morning and the
>carpet on the drivers side front and back is really wet, like squishy wet.
>I pulled some towels out of my garage and got out as much as I could, while
>my car warmed up a little bit.  I was able to trace the leak down to the
>hole for the hood release, the rubber gasket is ripped.  I was going to use
>some silicone sealant to fix the whole.  Does anyone have any other ideas?
>Also do you know what I can do to dry the car out faster?  I don't want to
>get mold or anything growing in there.

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