RE. '89 200q solution then more problems

ben swann benswann at
Tue Dec 17 11:03:03 EST 2002

[<SNIP>I'd already been through most of the plumbing I decided to go
through electrical connections systematically, checked t-body switch
operation, cleaned all connectors, when I got to the multi function
thermo switch,it was ghastly, corroded as all get out, connector
destroyed from corrosion expanding and breaking plastic.  Cleaned it
perfectly, then just resoldered standard spades on with nice neat
little heat shrink strain relief boots.  The two pin thermo sensor
connectors in that manifold also prestty iffy, otherwise connectors
mostly nice.  Pulled all the fuses and all the relays and cleaned all
those and applied NO-OX-ID <SNIP>
SURPRISE!  Started quickly, and idled much more reasonably, still a bit
sputtery at idle but MUCH improved (I take that to be residual air
leaks, pulling the oil cap will stop the car instantly, the dipstick
will stop it fairly quickly.)  Now I was pretty amazed.  Turn her off
figure I'll clean the ECU contacts as well, and what do you know,
Intended Acceleration ECU.  The kid that traded it to me said something
about the owner before him chipping it and doing something to the
turbo, I took it for BS.  Anyway started her back up let it idle for a
good 30 minutes, warmed up real nice, then took her out, right for the
interstate (about 2 minutes away.)  The missing and stumbling from
before at 0.3-0.8 bar were GONE, it was still a bit laggy in those
regions I thought, but not stumbling at all.  So hit the interstate in
2nd, pulls strong to 1.4 bar (hey I'd only seen 1.3 before), 3rd strong
to 1.4 with boost on earlier about when I'd expect and perfect off
throttle. Then....

**** SOMETHING BLEW  ?? **** (comment inserted by Ben)

4th, only pulls up to about 1.3 and feels sort of "queasey."  5th pulls
only to 1.1 and this thing is definitely slowing down, downshift, a bit
of a surge but no real improvement and it starts this:

puh,puh,puh,puh,puh,puh,puh (about 0.5 Hz frequency on the puh's)
puh,puh,puh,puh, puhhhhhhfffffffft.  Stops dead, I coast over, do not
shut the key off, pop the hood interogate the ECU 4444, no codes.  Turn
it off, run the output tests, all OK.  Try to start it repeatedly, no
go, look for big blown off air hose or the like, don't see anything,
walk home, get her towed back.

Well it was fun for the 3-4 minutes it lasted.  Any thoughts?
janders1 at]

NOW check your Michelin Man hose and other stuff post turbo in air
intake for larger holes.  It may be that the ECU is not really
regulating to 1.4 Bar, although I though IA's does.

Also may want to check wastegate control hoses.

Don't dispair,  if you haven't replaced all of this stuff once already,
then maybe it's time.

Also,  FWIW,  after I do fixes, adjustments, tweeks, whatever, I make
it a habit to carry at least a small set of tools, including 3mm allen,
screwdriver(I like my electric with all the little bits), 8-19 mm the very least, and most importantly..Duct Tape.  've had
things blow, many times, but never needed a tow (knocking on wood).


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