NAC but VAG question

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Tue Dec 17 11:24:40 EST 2002

Hi all,

I just received my Think Auto ( <> ) oil cooler lines from BAT ( Nice stainless braided hoses, bizarre looking fittings, 2 of them are 180 degrees elbows.  Part number BR1, 60.00 $US plus 10 bucks for UPS. I’ll let you know how it fits on a WX stock engine.
In the meantime, I changed the Mobil 1 20W50 synthetic summer oil to Castrol 10W30 mineral oil; guess what?  No more rear main bearing seal vacuum noises!  Maybe unrelated, but worth a try for those with a noisy engine.

Question : NAC but VAG content; is there an easy way for Trouble Code Retrieval on 1998 VW Cabrio?  I have the Bentley for this car too, but I must use the infamous VAG 1331 tool; is there another tool or cheap trick to prevent stopping by a shop with the VAG tool?

NAC or very little AC

Interesting fact for early urQ owners;
I have a Suzuki Aerio AWD (a press fleet car) and NO, I DON’T want to talk of the merits (or lack of) of viscous coupling AWD :-))  but there is a very little feature amusing to my eye;
The car has a blue cold engine idiot light!  And I thought the urQ was the only car with such a feature!

83 urQ with too many new parts in a single month, you won’t believe it.

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