90 A/C head unit quits then interior illumination

Dave Hord spokes at the-wire.com
Tue Dec 17 12:39:04 EST 2002


I think it may have to do with the 'common ground' that Audi likes to use.  As
stated in the previous thread by another lister, Audi likes to daisy-chain
grounds together...it's kinda like christmas lights.  When one item is
disconnected, they all don't work.

I know that in my Audi 90 quattro, if I don't have the three auxillary gauges
plugged in (the actual gauge, ignoring the lamps) the instrument cluster lights
don't work.

You could also have a short, due to your climate control being disconnected,
therefore blowing the fuse.


-Dave "ever thankful I have manual  climate-control" Hord
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Quoting Steve Ensch <ensch1 at comcast.net>:

> My climate control head unit finally quit after working intermittently for
> about 3 days. But now after driving around with the control unit removed
> the
> interior illumination just quit.  Fuses are good but I am thinking this
> sounds similar to the other thread going around the list concerning the 90Q
> with illumination problems.  Any ideas?  Or do I have to take the dash out.
> steve

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