Massachusetts 4KTQ owner question...

John Larson j.d.larson at
Tue Dec 17 10:00:41 EST 2002

"Solution: Do it in another state, and have it done by somebody else, for a
small fee. Re-title the car and register it in a state with no emissions
requirements and which allows title & registration by mail. Florida is one
such state."
In some states, and CA is one, your drivers license must be from the same
state as your registration.  Dual residency persons have a hard time with
the cops, although many judges are understanding.  If you're observed to be
here all the time and you're driving a vehicle with out of state plates on a
regular basis, sooner or later you're gonna get stopped.  You then have 15
days or so to clear up the problem.  Then you get a rather nasty letter from
both the DMV and from the state tax people.  I'd want to be real sure such
laws didn't apply to your situation before you made such a step.  John

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