Addition to 4kq eng perf. conditions

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Tue Dec 17 15:33:55 EST 2002

No - I got confused on this too before.  Recently posted re. the
difference, along with Huw.  The Thermo-time switch is located in back
of the head, and based on temp and time, lets the cold start injector
fire, or not.

The FI thermo sensor/sender is in the same location as the thermo-
switch was in the CIS 5 cyl engines.  The CIS-E FI sender signal goes
to the ECU.  The earlier CIS thermo switch controls vacuum to the CIS
warmup/control pressure regulator.

Confusing?  Yes especially when that location has the MF temp sensor
for the 5000 turbos and NF/NG motors.

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Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 1:36 pm
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> Isnt that also called the thermo-time switch.  I screws into the
> housing and the tip is in the coolant.  There is a wire that goes
from that to the cold start valve right?   Well i unplugged the switch
and noticed a significant difference and the car wouldn't hardly go
until i plugged it back in.   So I figure that switch is working ok.
> Right?

***** Not necessarily.****

> DJ

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