FW: NAC - AVG Anti-Virus

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Dec 17 16:01:06 EST 2002

At 10:59 AM 12/17/2002 -0600, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:

> > >Does anyone have any experience with AVG in a corporate environment ?
> >
> > No; in fact, q-list people are the only folks I've ever heard talk
> > about it. Frankly, I wouldn't trust it further than I could throw it.
> > Free stuff is free for a reason.
> >
>Not that I would ever do this of course, but I always figured the best virus
>would be hidden in a free anti-virus program that thousands if not millions
>of people would download for free and be very happy with it until....one
>day.... zap!

Wouldn't be a very good way to sell your commercial antivirus system,
though, would it?

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