Is all OEM Pearl White the same?

Dave Hord spokes at
Tue Dec 17 16:10:26 EST 2002

That's right.  The later Pearl's are 'yellower' due to a missing chemical. I
don't recall the name...but regardless, Pearl from any year is near impossible
to match on a re-paint.

Pearl from the earlier years is impossible.


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Quoting Kneale Brownson <knotnook at>:

> At 11:24 AM 12/17/2002 -0600, Carlo wrote:
> >I need to know if there is a difference between a 1990 CQ and 1993 90 CS
> in
> >pearl white?
> >
> >Thanks Carlo
> I don't know about the model 90's, but in the larger cars, the "Pearl
> White" in later models appears more yellow to me.  I've read several
> reports that the stuff used to make "Pearl White" up through 1991 includes
> something that since then has been banned as too environmentally nasty.

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