FW: NAC - AVG Anti-Virus

Livolsi, Stephane Stephane.Livolsi at investorsgroup.com
Tue Dec 17 15:25:56 EST 2002

> > > >Does anyone have any experience with AVG in a corporate environment ?
> > >
> > > No; in fact, q-list people are the only folks I've ever heard talk
> > > about it. Frankly, I wouldn't trust it further than I could throw it.
> > > Free stuff is free for a reason.
> > >
> >Not that I would ever do this of course, but I always figured the best
> virus
> >would be hidden in a free anti-virus program that thousands if not
> millions
> >of people would download for free and be very happy with it until....one
> >day.... zap!
> Wouldn't be a very good way to sell your commercial antivirus system,
> though, would it?
Yes,you are right, but you missed my point, which has nothing to do with
legitimate software manufacturers.

If I was a really smart computer literate anarchist with a lot of time,
knowledge and money on my hands and I wanted to raise a little hell, I would
develop a really good freeware antivirus program that would be freely
distributed all over the world, all with an embedded virus set up to trigger
at some future date.  Or better yet, develop the best, most secure firewall
program the world has ever seen, only it has a little back door that would
let me into any system that it is running on.  Fortunately for the computing
world, I spend all my time fixing Audi's and raising kids.

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