LAC Pollution Musings, was Massachusetts 4KTQ owner question

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Tue Dec 17 16:49:54 EST 2002

"John Larson" <j.d.larson at> wrote:
> Actually, the CA law reads such that the level of emissions equipment goes
> with whichever is newer, the chassis or the engine.  If you can equip that
> hemi engine with APPROVED emissions control equipment that matches the year
> of the chassis, and pass the tailpipe test, you're home free.  Of course, it
> may prove an expensive task, but you COULD do it, providing the equipment
> was available.  Might be somewhat difficult to fit an approved motronic type
> system to that 426, but you're ceretainly not barred by law from doing so.
> Just figuring out a camshaft grind that will be both approved and workable
> might be the hardest part.  John

I guess that's my point, about the "approval process".  As long as it passes smog and doesn't put out something else that is new and harmful that they are not checking for yet, I don't see it as Big Brothers business how the emissions got to where they are when they come out the tailpipe.

I understand what they are trying to do.  I guess another version of my previous post could be, "The government ability to regulate my car begins where my tailpipe ends."  (and where my gas tank fills, of course)

I just think that many regulations, while good-intentioned, are badly written.  I'm not against clean air.  I actually prefer to breathe it! ;-)

Did I mention a guy out here has a 3B in a 4ksq with no cat(s), and passed our sniffer idle test recently.  A most beautiful engine bay, I must say.



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