>Subject: Massachusetts 4KTQ owner question...

Christopher Ritchie critchie1 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 17 22:12:16 EST 2002

>So it's time to get my 4KQ inspected here in the People's Republic of
>Massachusetts. I've recently completed the turbo conversion on my 87 4KQ
>the car runs great. The AFR meter does not indicate an overly rich or lean
>condition and there is no smoke from the tail pipe.. Every thing seems OK.
>My question is... Am I going to get busted for adding the turbo at
>inspection? Or if the car passes safety and emissions, is that all she
>I suspect I might be able to find a "friendly" shop for the inspection, but
>it is not very convenient.

1. The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts just elected a Republican governor.
  We've had Republican governors straight since the 1980s.  So long ago now
I forget the exact date.

2. A 4K is now so old that they won't spend much time on it.  That, plus, it
is a quattro, so they can't put it on their dynometer.  Make it look all
factory.  On my '88 5K, they never looked under the hood.  I believe they
put a "sniffer" in the tailpipe, but you should pass that if the car's
running right.  Massachusetts isn't as strict as say, California, with
prohibitions against aftermarket parts.  If the sniffer says you emit less
than what's allowed for your car's year, you pass.

3. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CAR OUT OF STATE.  I know Massachusetts, and I
suspect most, if not all states, will find out about that.  Your insurance
will be denied in the event of an accident.  You will be caught.  It's real
simple nowadays with electronic databases to catch this one.  Don't trust
anybody that tells you that you can get away with this.  Because
Massachusetts has had mandatory insurance since the 1930s, they and the
insurance companies gotten real good at catching this one.

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