Massachusetts 4KTQ owner question...Out of state suggestions

Tue Dec 17 20:52:19 EST 2002

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If the car was inspected out of state, there would be title problems here.
Not to mention, if it was re-registered here, it would have to be
re-inspected within 7 days.
       If the car fails for emissions, you get an "R" sticker for "E". This
gives you 60 days to cure the problem. The only record the state will have is
why the car failed. The state will not know of any modifications and you
don't have to go back to the same inspector. If anyone questions the turbo,
tell them the state's database must be out of whack "it came that way" in
'87. Audi did make a turbo in '87, who is to say that they didn't knock out a
4000TQ? No guts, no glory. Of course after the Patriot Act hits its stride,
the state will know whether you used siliconized hose on the turbo if you
bought it with a credit card. Did you see the newspaper report about the
campus cop at UMass who is working part time with the FBI Anti-Terrorist
Group? He has full access to FBI files. Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Tom Faust

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