Is all OEM Pearl White the same?

Ti Kan ti at
Tue Dec 17 18:48:31 EST 2002

james accordino writes:
> If he's talking about swapping body parts without
> repainting, IMHO, all VAG products have VERY regular
> paint codes, as opposed to other brands.  I've used
> body parts from other pearl cars on my 89 200 and
> can't really notice any difference.  Seen it on other
> Audis as well.  Now Dorf on the other hand...  Same
> year and same paint code from the same factory, and it
> looked like a totally different color.  Their paint
> color tolerances suck.

While this may be true for factory-fresh paint, an old part that has
been subjected to the environment will fade.  Thus, if you buy a piece
from a car that has been parked outside a lot and your car is always
garaged, the color may not match perfectly even if the paint code is
the same.

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