Stage II on MAC 11

jason snider jason_chad at
Wed Dec 18 03:32:07 EST 2002

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I'm planning on getting the QLCC code pretty soon and did some research in the
archives today. As usual it just made me have more questions. Here's what I
think I understand: the QLCC chip will give you 1.8 bar. Paired with a 1.8 bar
spring the boost will spool up faster. Here's what I'm more fuzzy about:  To
get more boost you'll need a different modded ECU (IA the only one?) and
spring to get to "Stage II" which is about 2.0 bar. Is it possible to modify
an already modified QLCC ECU for the 2.0 bar? Is the only difference in the
"Stage I" and "Stage II" ECU the pressure transducer (PT)? I remember reading
about pneumatic setups that are used to control boost...are these used to get
more than 1.8 bar when using an ECU with the QLCC code? I'm sure I'll be
plenty pleased with the 1.8 bar....but I also know I'll want more. So, where
do you go after the 1.8 bar mods?  Is a 2.0 bar spring usable with a QLCC
modded ECU?
I know you veterans have been through these questions a thousand
times...sorry. :)
'86 5ktq

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