which struts?

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Tue Dec 17 22:43:42 EST 2002

  How is the durability on the Boges?  Bilstein is legendary, with a
lifetime warrantee.  My suspension goals match yours, but I hate swapping
struts :)


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>This setup has worked well on both of my 4kq's.  I drove a bilstien  and a
>boge model for about two hours each before making my decision.  Though I
>loved the precision and response of the bilstien, It was too unforgiving
>around town, uneven pavement, speed bumps etc(I think the 205/45/16's
>contribute a little too).  I could not live with it on a daily basis where
>the car would be used for commuting to and from work as well as for social
>outings (dates...).  The H&R/Boge setup was the only way to go for ME.  I
>have been to various track days and have pushed the car to it's limits.
>Could have maybe used a better setup for the track.  But since I'm at the
>track maybe 6 times a year and have to drive my car on less than ideal
>surfaces more often than not,  I think I made the right choice. But this is
>just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions..
>87 4kq

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