Painting the 5ktq

jason snider jason_chad at
Wed Dec 18 03:47:28 EST 2002

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Hey guys,
 I'm planning on getting my '86 5ktq painted this summer (or maybe over spring
break) and thought I'd get some tips before I find someone to do it. The car
is charcoal metallic (not sure what the real name is) and is suffering from
peeling clearcoat very bad. I'm probably gonna have to sand down to bare metal
in some places :( . The car looks terrible to tell the truth. I know I want
something that's going to look better than the factory job. I'm going with the
same color because I only need the exterior done. I want that thick, glossy
look. Is that just achieved using extra coats of base and clear coat, or are
special paints involved? Any of you guys have any experience with this color
or other metallic colors? Any other suggestions (primers, paint suppliers)? I
even thought about getting more metallic, too. Is that ricey?
'86 5ktq

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