'89 200q solved, well er um sort of

John David Anderson janders1 at mix.wvu.edu
Tue Dec 17 22:49:39 EST 2002

Kent McLean wrote:

>John David Anderson <janders1 at mix.wvu.edu> wrote:
>>...about all that I recall from my MAE 328 class
>>(very little) is an internal combustion engine runs on the famous 3
>>things, fuel, spark, compression.
>Wow. I thought they needed air, too.   You learn something
>new every day.  :-)

Yeah Kent, by compression I meant de facto compression of air or the
air/fuel mixture really I guess, the air alone isn't enough of course
8-)  That is how Dr. Smith taught it anyway, fuel, spark, compression.
Or just fuel and compression if you are doing one of those diesel


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