'86 4kq back to no start, CIS help please.

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 17 19:50:29 EST 2002

I can't answer your question, but God forbid you bave
to dump it, please send it to a better home.  Like Huw
(always looking for another Audi) or Chris at Force 5,
so it can be "recycled",  Hopefuffly your loss (and I
hope it's not) can be someone elses gain.

Jim Accordino

--- R Mangas <porter_dog at hotmail.com> wrote:
>    As you may remember my 'perfectly reliable' '86
> 4kq developed a stalling
> problem last week.  It would start normally, then
> stall right away when the
> CSV shut down.  I checked the fuel pump delivery
> rate (great), the system
> pressure (normal), and the differential pressure
> (exactly the same as the
> system pressure, should have been 3-7 psi below).
>   Because it was convienient to do so, I swapped in
> the differential
> pressure regulator from my '87 and 'solved' the
> problem for 150 miles.  This
> came to an abrupt end when I tried to leave work to
> drive home yesterday.
>   The current problem is a _total_ non-start; it
> won't even TRY to fire, not
> even a little bit.  Today I verified compression
> (good) and spark (fine).
> Checked system pressure (same as before, 79.5 psi;
> in spec) and differential
> pressure and found it to be 79.5 psi...  Resistance
> of the differential
> pressure regulator is fine.
>    The next test is to check the return volume from
> 'the lower chamber of
> the fuel distributor'.  There are two hardlines
> coming off the fuel dist;
> which one is it?  I'd guess the smaller, as the
> expected flow rate is low.
>    This test should implicate either the
> differential pressure regulator or
> the fuel distributor.  Since the DPR swap seemed to
> cure the problem last
> time ([un]happy coincidence?) I sort of suspect that
> might be the problem
> now.  What underlying condition would fail two DPR's
> in quick succession?
>    I don't know enough about CIS to figure that out,
> and I'm in a bit of a
> spot.  It's parked in staff parking in the office
> building my company is in,
> which will be fine for a couple days but too much
> longer and there might be
> some frowning going on.  Also, I'm moving in two
> weeks and don't have a lot
> of free time to devote to a suddenly unreliable car.
>  If I can't get this
> sorted and kind of quickly, I'll be forced to scrap
> it :(
>   I've never done the t-belt, no idea when it was
> done either- is there a
> quick way to verify cam timing?
>   What about the damp-ecu syndrome- is there a quick
> way to check for that?
> Will the normal start/cold enrichment checks verify
> ecu function adequately?

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