Painting the 5ktq

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Tue Dec 17 21:14:21 EST 2002

Hi Jason,

There was a long thread on this topic on the rennlist about a couple of
month ago. You may want to check the archives there too.



jason snider wrote:
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> Hey guys,
>  I'm planning on getting my '86 5ktq painted this summer (or maybe over spring
> break) and thought I'd get some tips before I find someone to do it. The car
> is charcoal metallic (not sure what the real name is) and is suffering from
> peeling clearcoat very bad. I'm probably gonna have to sand down to bare metal
> in some places :( . The car looks terrible to tell the truth. I know I want
> something that's going to look better than the factory job. I'm going with the
> same color because I only need the exterior done. I want that thick, glossy
> look. Is that just achieved using extra coats of base and clear coat, or are
> special paints involved? Any of you guys have any experience with this color
> or other metallic colors? Any other suggestions (primers, paint suppliers)? I
> even thought about getting more metallic, too. Is that ricey?
> Thanks,
> Jason
> '86 5ktq
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