'89 200q solved, well er um sort of

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 18 00:08:19 EST 2002

> this is all again right about as it is getting dark but I also notice
> at that point something further confusing.  In my past experience with
> the 5's in my Quantums, EVs, and Audi 100 motor the timing mark has
> been a square sort of mark.  This pulley has no such mark, instead has
> two dots, and I had been using the first dot I came to when I set it.

The TDC timing mark to use is the one on the flywheel, not the vibration
damper etc. puller, as far as I have heard.

There is no way for the flywheel mark to be off from the crank, the
pulley mark can be, I guess.  This may or may not matter, since you were
also verifying it with a screwdriver in #1.

Huw Powell



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