'89 200q solved, well er um sort of

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 18 00:21:43 EST 2002

> >The cam gear mark is the INSIDE mark (closest to the head) and should
> >align with the bottom of the valve cover gasket.

Top of the valve cover gasket.  Silly, but true.

> The outside mark is
> for
> >4 cylinder engines. If you get the distrib off more than 2 degrees it
> >won't start. It will push start though...
> Ah but David my point here is that I have TWO marks (Dots) on the
> INSIDE of the sprocket, and although one seems near where it should be,
> the car does NOT run with it in the standard 5 cylinder timed position
> in line with the machined surface of the head as you describe, I've
> changed my share of 5 cylinder timing belts here.

Maybe the sprocket is on backwards?  Anyway, you can get an eyeball on
the cam lobes and see if it is at least "close" - which it sounds like
it's not, if going one tooth away kills it compltely, right?

Huw Powell



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