Team Door Handle, squared

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Dec 18 00:28:19 EST 2002

> Second, and the one I need some advice on, is the ’86 5ktqa. The door handle
> itself is broken, so I’m going to start looking for another one tomorrow.
> Getting the thing off the door is no longer a challenge, and the linkages
> are also mostly second nature now. My question now is the key cylinder. I’ve
> looked briefly in the archives, and hope to have more time tomorrow, but
> what is the process for swapping the key from the old handle to the new one?

in short (it's in the archives but maybe not easy to find)

with both handles out, remove the lock cylinders - should be one screw.

remove the pins from the new one, don't lose the springs.

put the pins from the old one in the new one in the same order,
orientation, etc.

check with key before installing, with key in all pins should be flush
with the cylinder.

the "pins," or tumblers, look like elongated, rectangular "O's" and are
different lengths.  I found three lengths in my collection once.
managed to use all new pins of the right lengths at that time, got rid
of the worn ones.  Couldn't fix the worn key...

Huw Powell

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