90 blower resistor blew up AGAIN

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 18 00:47:22 EST 2002

> i'm hoping for a little btdt: i replaced my blower resistor about 5 months
> ago. it's recently gotten heavy useage as its been rainy and i need to leave
> the ac on so the car doesnt fog up. last night the resistor died [hi speed
> fan only]. that seems like an awfully short service life.. anyone know of
> any usual suspects before i start digging into it? any common upstream
> problems that will cause this thing to break so quickly? the cars witing is
> al stock but has no other glitches [knocking on audi-branded wood].
> or did i maybe get a bum resistor. the blower was replaced by dealer a few
> years ago [should be ok]..

Hmmm... I was *going* to reply that the rumors I have heard are that the
old fans chew up resistors and the new ones are better.  My fan has been
chirping for years now in the winter and the resistor was bad when I got
the car.  I am *not* looking forward to replacing the stupid fan, so I'm
trying to make it until I need a heater core, too...

At least the resistors are cheap (or *should* be - they are an old VW
part, under $20 for mine)

Maybe you got one of the "old" fans, I have no idea how to tell the

I'd just replace the resistor pack and cross my fingers for now, if I
were you.

Huw Powell



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