PIC link: Header Sealing Washer Suggestions?

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Wed Dec 18 01:47:41 EST 2002

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Carlos, as I had imagined form your earlier description, you are in fact
using the wrong parts, there should be NO rubber anywhere on that header
flange. You're just plain old using the wrong parts, there is no need to seal
the stud, as I said earlier, the stud is in NO contact with exh., so why the
need to seal it, from what?

All you need are the factory exh. manifold lock nuts, some copper ones are
also available for less money and seem to work well on NA applications, but
the factory nuts feature a metal ring around the top of the nut that cuts
into the threads of the stud to lock them in place.  The ONLY thing
underneath that nut should be the factory STEEL washer, its about 1/8" thick,
all metal, but you could replace it with a standard stainless 8mm ID washer
too, just something to buffet the expansion underneath the nut.  What keeps
the nut tight is a combo of the locking mechanism and the torque placed on
the nut.

That's it, that's all you'll need, see a pic of my header, you can see what I
used are the correct parts that you should be using.  <A HREF="http://www.80tq.com/images/turbo_dp.jpg">



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