Sqirrley snow tires a week later

Suffolk GameServer LAN suffolk.associates at verizon.net
Wed Dec 18 02:12:37 EST 2002

Four not two.  If you drive straight up your driveway and to and from the
market and post office at 30MPH, 2 will do.
If you ever want to drive in the snow, four will keep the back from swinging
around on you in a corner or during breaking.

While I agree that it sounds like a tire shops way to generate higher sales,
its really a good idea.
If you want to test fait in the summer, take two new tires and two no tread
baldies (slicks) on the rear out for a spin in the rain.
Find a decreasing radius downhill off ramp and trail brake through the
Bring your depends.

thanks..  but ive been getting conflicting answers on this..  its a front
wheel drive automatic '86 5k NA.   some other lister said i needed all 4
snows.   but why? the rear wheels are not traction wheels...?

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