Squirrely tires 2

Suffolk GameServer LAN suffolk.associates at verizon.net
Wed Dec 18 02:18:20 EST 2002

Snow tires have a lower speed rating and high sidewall hieght which are made
of flexible rubber.
Low profile tires have stiifer and shorter sidewall which also means less
rubber to flex.
(Okay the sidewall construction does have most to do with that.)
Simply put:  Narrow skinny tires flex quite a bit in the sidewall.  Shorter
low profile tires don't flex as much.
-Scott in BOSTON

thanks for the feedback folks.. it seems the general consensus is to run all
4 snows to increase stability/handling even tho the rear wheels arent drive
 my question is - if i go out and spend another $150 on 2 more snow tires
the rears of her '86 5k NON-Q will this solve the problem? or are snow tires
just not meant for high speed freeway driving? (80% of her commute is on
turnpike ay 75-80mph) thats where she complained about the "squirrelyness"
on the highway, not around town.

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