20V in 4000Q

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Yes, all the B3 cars like the 80/90/CQ use the 01A tranny which uses a
different "flat" flywheel as opposed to the "brake drum" shaped flywheel of
the 016 cars.  It's not so dependent on the motor as the tranny, either the
01A or the 016 will work with any of the 5 cyl. cars, and some parts can even
be interchanged as Ben has found out.  Basically, in a 4kq, I'd recommend
using the 016 tranny with associated flywheel and clutch parts, you'll just
need to ensure that the correct needle bearing can be fit into the end of the
crank, as the 01A uses a sealed pilot bearing in the flywheel, not in the
crank as the earlier cars do.  Either way, the 016 input shaft extends into
the crank, so a needle bearing will be necessary.

Also, I'll add in my usual IMO, I don't believe a 20v motor in a 4kq would be
very satisfactory or much better than a massaged 2.3 10v motor, if you're
going to do a motor swap, the turbo motor makes SOO much more sense from a
power standpoint, some say they don't like turbo lag, but I don't like torque
lag either, and if you've ever driven a 20v you'll know the suckers don't
really start making power until past 4k rpm, which makes them worse than even
the laggiest turbo motors, and once they are on full song, you've got a whole
160hp, hardly enough to keep me entertained too long, and Aaron, you've
driven a turbo car, I can't imagine you'll ever be able to go back,
Muhahahha!  =)


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> Javad - correct if I'm wrong - the 20V setup is the same as the 90Q,
> correct?

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