Paint codes & "shine"

Chuck Hill hilltech at
Wed Dec 18 07:24:38 EST 2002

Huw Powell wrote:
I just picked up a used LR door for my 90, to take
care of a weird gouge my old one has had forever.  The "new" door is a
glossy black, whereas my car is semi-flat black (unless it's raining).
Same paint code... go figure.

I'll guess that the "new" door is clear-coated, and the car is not.  I
ran into this situation with an 80 that I bought last year.  The car had
been polished and waxed very well, and I didn't notice it right away,
buy after a couple of months exposure to the elements, the main part of
the body was not the same as the driver's door at all.  The car is red,
and it seems the red fades and chalks more than most other colors.

I don't know if there is a difference in the code numbers on the car
that indicates clear-coated or not.

Chuck Hill

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