'86 4kq back to no start, CIS help please.

R Mangas porter_dog at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 18 08:24:03 EST 2002

   Thanks for the suggestions- your method of cam timing verification sounds
easiest!.  When you say CPA current, I imagine that's Control Pressure
Actuator?  Is that the same as the Differential Pressure Regulator?  Or
maybe the Engine Pressure Regulator?  (j/k - that's my gf's suggestion of
what might be wrong ;) )

   I'll check for dampness...

  Thanks again,

>From: Huw Powell <human747 at attbi.com>
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>To: R Mangas <porter_dog at hotmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: '86 4kq back to no start, CIS help please.
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 00:19:32 -0500
> >   The current problem is a _total_ non-start; it won't even TRY to fire,
> > even a little bit.
>I don't know where you are at on all the basics, tune up parts, etc.,
>I'll leave that checklist up to you...
> >   I've never done the t-belt, no idea when it was done either- is there
> > quick way to verify cam timing?
>pull the oil filler cap, you can see the front two cam lobes.  At TDC
>they will be pointing "up" at equal angles *relative to the plane of the
>head*.  At this point you can either see the TDC mark on the flywheel is
>lined up or the # piston will be at its max height.
>You can turn the engine by hand with a big socket/extension/ratchet on
>the crank bolt without removing anything.  Just remove something
>critical, like the coil wire, so it doesn't somehow start for you anyway
>while you are turning it!
> >   What about the damp-ecu syndrome- is there a quick way to check for
>feel around to the right of the glove box (USA/lhd cars)?  at worst,
>remove glovebox and look at it.
> > Will the normal start/cold enrichment checks verify ecu function
>CPA current should be high, like 30-50 or so mA on cold start, that
>ought to be partly convincing at least.
>Huw Powell

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