Painting the 5ktq

Zsolt zsolt1 at
Wed Dec 18 08:40:48 EST 2002

Hi George,

My apologies. I did not realize it would be so difficult to find it. I
am on the rennlist mailing list, so I remember seeing the thread, but I
never looked them up in the archives  until now. I may have got lucky,
but it only took me about 5 minutes to find 200 paint and paint related

This is where I found them, but I did not realize you have to be on the
mailing list to access the messages.

If you have signed up click "messages" from the menu and search for "any
or" paint painting.

That's how I found them.

Sorry again for sending you for a wild goose chase.

George Harris wrote:
>>There was a long thread on this topic on the rennlist about a couple of
>>month ago. You may want to check the archives there too.
> I just wasted an hour trying to find the thread on the Rennlist. It is
> so slow. I think this is one of those WEB sites where an amateur just
> has to use every new trick just learned about putting up a WEB site.
> Pretty, but a waste of time and band width :-(
> When referring people to a WEB site like this I respectfully suggest a
> bit more information such as:
> Which forum was the thread in?
> What was the thread name?
> Is there a menu hierarchy to be traversed to get a person closer to the
> topic?
> And finally, if someone followed this thread and has the 'consensus' at
> their finger tips, why not just post the conclusion referring to the
> thread as back up in case someone needs more background?
> Cheers
> George

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