Accusations of "intruding politics" and "racism" on the board

Ray Rollins rollins_ray at
Wed Dec 18 10:57:12 EST 2002

Tom & all other interested listers,
There is nothing racist in reciting a statistical fact. I am one of the few
minorities on this list and was born and raised in the Peoples Republic of
Massachusetts. The statement does not make much sense. What exactly were you
getting at Tom? Because at the same time Massachusetts lost 10% of its white
population, it has been replaced rapidly by minorities with Latinos & Asians
leading in numbers. I think the lack of clarity and or overly sensitive and
politically correct listers are trying to make this a Trent Lott foot in the
ass like thread.

PS: Trent should go! If you are stupid enough to let your segregationists=
views known to the nation and not expect a backlash from everyone except the
racists you socialize with, you do not have the tact to be majority leader.
The Republican Party seems to be suffering more and more residual effects
from the lack of IQ and vision in oval office.

90 100Q
Politically Incorrect!

>From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at>
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>Subject: Re: Accusations of "intruding politics" and "racism" on the  board
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:35:43 -0500
>Just so you know, Tom, I see nothing racist in reciting a statistical fact,
>regardless of its social implications.  Makes me think that anyone who does
>is just looking for any reason to accuse someone else of something they
>probably wonder about in themselves.  Why else would they jump to such a
>As for making "politicizing" comments,  there's far less thoughtful
>conversation on almost any unmoderated e-mail list.  At least you didn't
>call anyone a name like some of the audifans "contributors" continue to do
>during exchanges of opinion.
>And as far as waste of bandwidth, what the heck about the Tor$en flamewars
>we keep seeing despite establishment of a place to stick that stuff?
>At 08:17 AM 12/18/2002 -0500, TWFAUST at wrote:
>>I have received a number of off-board comments on the following exchange.
>>These accuse me of racist tendencies and of intruding politics into an
>>board. I am surprised at this response from what I had thought was a
>>thoughtful group.

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