aftermarket water temp gauge for Type 44

Keith Lawyer LawyerKG at
Wed Dec 18 09:01:36 EST 2002

Any suggestions on where to install a sender for an aftermarket water
temp gauge in my '90 200?  And will said location be deep enough to
accept a capillary tube, or must I go electric gauge?  I'd almost prefer

The stock gauge is not working again.  I'm tiring of the intermittent
nature (that's kinda Audis in general tho LOL) and lack of actual
*numerical* values anyway - necessity of properly functioning MFTS for
other issues aside!

Seriously, after warping a head in my previous Type 44 'cause I was
negligent in replacing the MFTS I'd like a gauge which is more reliable
and provides meaningful values - not, "The gauge reads just over

Off-list replies would be great as I may not be able to stay zubbed

Keith L

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