MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...

R Mangas porter_dog at
Wed Dec 18 11:34:38 EST 2002

   Since you're going to be pulling the motor anyway, if it was me I'd find
a way to drive the oil pump electrically and run it with the head on, then
off.  I don't know exactly what I'd be expecting, but something is sure Not


>From: Marc Swanson <mswanson at>
>To: EBavely <veetesse at>
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>Subject: Re: MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...
>Date: 18 Dec 2002 11:20:17 -0500
> > The problem is that short of a defect in the block, I cannot think of
> > I'll need to look at once the engine is out.
>that's what I think you will be looking for at this point.
>Given that you have checked just about everything else I would pull the
>motor, strip it down to the bare block and send it out for a magnaflux
>treatment.  While you are at it you may want to check the head too.
>That certainly the best way to make sure that the block/head isn't
>fubar.  I'm willing to bet that you will find a nice crack in there
>somewhere, although I'm surprised you wouldn't get oil in coolant as a
>result.  So if there is a crack it would have to be from oil supply
>galley to oil return galley.
> > Another option would be to snap up a junkyard MC motor locally and
> > it "as is" for comparison. Obviously a ton of work to end up with a
> > engine with unknown history that would be questionable in the future.
>Well, at this point no matter what the outcome of your magnaflux
>treatment you are going to want to have a spare motor handy.  If you
>find cracks you are going to need a block which you can add all your new
>parts to.  If you don't find cracks you will want to use the junkyard
>motor complete as-is just to maintain your sanity!
> > Either way, I'm going to have pull the engine.  Crap.
>looks like it.  Sorry.
> > Any thoughts?  Anyone else want to take a guess before I napalm the
> > I'm getting very frustrated about this one.  Any advice would be greatly
> > appreciated.  I'd have to move quickly if I'm going to pull the other
> > in the yard since they're going to shutdown between Xmas and New
>You'll be spending most of the holidays just removing the engine and
>stripping the block unless you move like Nate Stuart ;-)
>If I were in your shoes I would be looking for a spare motor if nothing
>else just to have something to compare to.
>So in summary:
>-get junkyard motor
>-remove your current motor
>-strip the block
>if(magnaflux ok) {
>	-install junkyard motor as-is.
>	- sacrifice bad motor to Audi gods
>else {
>	-strip junkyard motor to bare block
>	-hone if necessary
>	-install all your new parts
>	-re-install it and sacrifice old block to Audi gods
>either way, sounds like the Audi gods want a sacrifice :-/
>Anyhow, that's my .02
>Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
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