Mass.4KTQ owner question...

Doyt W. Echelberger Doyt at NWOnline.Net
Wed Dec 18 11:46:00 EST 2002

Hello Chris,Bill, all.........I thought that the take Chris had on this
issue was just great, and I wish I had never mentioned the out-of-state
possibility (Home Base service in Florida.)  Does anyone happen to know
what class of legal violation that would be for a resident of
Massachusetts? Misdemeanor? Felony?  I'm curious.

And, he probably can just run his car through the required tests and get a
sticker, like Chris says.

But if he does get tagged in the tests, rather than attempting an
out-of-state registration, it looks like the guy would be better off trying
to sell the car to an enthusiast who lives in a state and county where
there are no pollution tests required for registration.

Thanks for setting things straight. It take a community to figure out such

Doyt Echelberger
87 5ktq in Ohio   USA
86 4kq RIP

At 10:12 PM 12/17/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>>So it's time to get my 4KQ inspected here in the People's Republic of
>>Massachusetts. I've recently completed the turbo conversion on my 87 4KQ
>2. A 4K is now so old that they won't spend much time on it. ...snip
>3. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CAR OUT OF STATE.  I know Massachusetts, and I
>suspect most, if not all states, will find out about that.....snip

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