I need a political solution to my racist fuel injection problem

Timofej H. Crift timofej.crift at att.net
Wed Dec 18 12:24:04 EST 2002

I am making progress with my hot acceleration problem on my 1984 CIS coupe.
I swapped out the fuel distributor with a known good unit and along with the
injectors, frequency valve, etc.  So now instead of a hot acceleration/power
problem I have a hot rough idle problem.  The control pressure is still good
@ 52psi and the system pressure is now up to 73 psi and steady when hot.  I
checked the injector spray pattern before putting them in and while they
appear to be even, when the fuel metering plate is raised slightly
(simulated idle) the spray pattern is not conical.  Has anyone gone through
the injector spray tests without the special testing tools listed in the
Bentley? Should I just replace the injectors at this point and rule them
out.  The archives led me to some posts where people have cleaned injectors
with 1000psi of compressed air.  How about 120psi from a regular compressor.
Any BTDT's would be greatly appreciated.

Off to start with the basics (compression, ignition, etc.)


Tim Crift

'84 CoupeGT putting along
'95 90Q with deer implanted firmly in nose
'99 A8 just waiting...

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