90 blower resistor blew up AGAIN

j fizz iin10ded at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 18 17:48:52 EST 2002

thanks huw,

i think thats what im going to do.. ill dig thru my receipts + see if i can
find a part number [i have about 7k$ of dealer receipts that came with the
car, incl a $4k tranny rebuild =], maybe compare to current part numbers to
check the rumors.

in the meantime ill use full blast, replace the resistor when i can [theyre
on special at TPC, btw..] adn call it a day.

related Q - with the fan control off [ac+recirc buttons off] the car steams
up [driving or parked] like i'm 17 on lovers lane. it has been very
rainy/damp lately.. is this a symptom of sumthin not workin right?

>Hmmm... I was *going* to reply that the rumors I have heard are that the
>old fans chew up resistors and the new ones are better.  My fan has been
>chirping for years now in the winter and the resistor was bad when I got
>the car.  I am *not* looking forward to replacing the stupid fan, so I'm
>trying to make it until I need a heater core, too...
>At least the resistors are cheap (or *should* be - they are an old VW
>part, under $20 for mine)
>Maybe you got one of the "old" fans, I have no idea how to tell the
>I'd just replace the resistor pack and cross my fingers for now, if I
>were you.
>Huw Powell

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