Febreeze NOT good for Audi

Ben Walker benwalker at direcway.com
Wed Dec 18 11:57:44 EST 2002

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I neglected to read the precautions in microscopic letters on the back of F=
ebreze and now I have a drooping headliner.  Even the moonroof is sagging o=
n my passengers and myself.

Is there anyway to re-attach the headliner without taking it into a custom =
automitive shop?  What type of adhesive should I use or should I make a new=
 headliner?  The foam padding behing it seems to be disintigrating (sp?) be=
fore my eyes, too.

I know this is a strange post but it is 'driving' me batty the darn thing f=
lopping in the 65 degree wintertime Illinois air.

Happy Holidays.

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