MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...

EBavely veetesse at
Wed Dec 18 13:27:31 EST 2002

>    Since you're going to be pulling the motor anyway, if it was me I'd
find a way to drive the oil pump electrically and run it with the head on,
then off.  I don't know exactly what I'd be expecting, but something is sure
Not Right!


That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how that would work... The oil
pump on these engines, as you know, is driven off of a drive "gear" of sorts
on the end of the crank.  This means that you'd have to spin the crank as
well during the procedure... which you'd want anyway to get an accurate
reading as the crank turns and is oiled by the system.

Plus, the real problem with the oil pressure manifests itself after the
engine has reached operating temperature (fan cycles on and off) do a
real test, you'd have to have all the oil and engine components up to
temperature and there'd be no way to do that if the crank was out or the
head was off...

Although your idea might not seem possible, the thinking is along the right
lines... to somehow observe where the pressure is bleeding off while the
oiling system is operating.  Thanks for the idea....


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