MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...

R Mangas porter_dog at
Wed Dec 18 13:35:32 EST 2002

   I've never seen the inside of an Audi engine, so I really _didn't_ know
how the op is driven.  I seem to remember Techtonics selling some sort of
pump-drive tool for 4cyl VWs; you were to use it before starting a newly
rebuilt motor.

   What about using a scrapped pump and cobbling up some sort of adaptor to
just feed hot pressurized oil into the place where the normal pump output

   I dunno- while replacing the entire motor might make sense, I know that
not knowing what messed up the first one would drive me crazy!

  Good luck,

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>Subject: Re: MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 13:27:31 -0500
> >    Since you're going to be pulling the motor anyway, if it was me I'd
>find a way to drive the oil pump electrically and run it with the head on,
>then off.  I don't know exactly what I'd be expecting, but something is
>Not Right!
> >
>That's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how that would work... The oil
>pump on these engines, as you know, is driven off of a drive "gear" of
>on the end of the crank.  This means that you'd have to spin the crank as
>well during the procedure... which you'd want anyway to get an accurate
>reading as the crank turns and is oiled by the system.
>Plus, the real problem with the oil pressure manifests itself after the
>engine has reached operating temperature (fan cycles on and off) do a
>real test, you'd have to have all the oil and engine components up to
>temperature and there'd be no way to do that if the crank was out or the
>head was off...
>Although your idea might not seem possible, the thinking is along the right
>lines... to somehow observe where the pressure is bleeding off while the
>oiling system is operating.  Thanks for the idea....

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