Painting the 5ktq

Gerard gerard at
Wed Dec 18 21:02:00 EST 2002

This thread brings to fore my plans of painting my '89 Audi 200/5kt.
Mine is the factory "burgundy" color and it has some shoddy work on the
trunk lid and life under the covers under the hot African sun has
started to see the clearcoat start stripping on the roof. I plan to
paint it, but would prefer doing all the prep work to save costs (not
much to remove from the car as it is :)), but alot of places say they
don't guarantee the paint unless they prep it.

My main concern, though, is towards the type of paint to use. I have
decided to stick with burgundy, but to liven it up a bit by using the
Rosso Protea color of the latest Alfa Romeos. When speaking to a Alfa
Romeo dealer I was informed that the paint is water based.

So, what sort of paint was used on my car? How do I find out if I can
cover it in a water-based paint system?

Alot of people who have kept the original color use the old coat as a
base or primer coat for the new paint. This is what I want to do. I
don't want to take it all the way down to the metal. At most I'll take
it to the original primer.

I guess that's it. Anyone know about these new water based paints and
their compatibility with the older Audi OE paints?

Heck, I've thought of getting myself a really nice DeVilbiss gun and
start practising. :)


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