Accusations of "intruding politics" and "racism" on the board

Sean Ford audi_99_a6q at
Wed Dec 18 11:01:52 EST 2002

I'll jump on the "WTF Bandwagon" and lambast ANYONE who wants to label a person
a racist based on a published statistical fact. Utter nonsense.

As a registered Republican, I feel compelled to answer to your allegations
below, Mr. Rollins (may I call you Ray?). You are absolutely correct in your
statement that Trent Lott does not have the tact to be a majority leader. Sen.
Lott has long been an anachronism in the Republican Party; he should've been
replaced long ago. However, you've taken a flying leap of faith to connect
Senator Lott's issues to an alleged lack of IQ and vision in the oval office.

The Republican party is not suffering at all, it has a majority stake right now
because of the failures of the Democrat party. An unpopular thought process or
mispoken statement by the majority leader is nothing compared to the mess left
behind by the past administration.

Let the political pissing match begin! :)

--- Ray Rollins <rollins_ray at> wrote:
> PS: Trent should go! If you are stupid enough to let your segregationists’
> views known to the nation and not expect a backlash from everyone except the
> racists you socialize with, you do not have the tact to be majority leader.
> The Republican Party seems to be suffering more and more residual effects
> from the lack of IQ and vision in oval office.

Sean Ford
1999 A6q tiptronic | 1992 100CS 5-spd

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