Painting pearl mirror housing

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Dec 18 14:09:09 EST 2002

> Recently broke the plastic cover on the right rearview mirror (you don't
> want to know how).  Located a replacement mirror in a salvage yard.  Both
> the dealer and yard will only sell complete mirror assembly.   I found and
> now have a pearl mirror.  My problem is that I need the color in regusa
> green.  Can this pearl ABS plastic or whatever it is,  be painted without
> some sort of preparation? Anyone have experience painting these without
> having the paint chip off or not bond well?  Anyone have sources for small
> quantity of paint?

I do believe that most places that mix and sell matched auto paint can
also get it packaged in spray cans.  That might be what you want.

Prep - I'm not an expert, but I would at least 1. wash it with soap to
remove wax buildup, 2. sand it enough to scuff all the old paint, 3.
wipe it with acetone to clean and prep the scufed surface.  let dry
well.  Prime lightly, twice.  Paint in several very light coats.  You
may want to sand between coats with a very fine grit.

Huw Powell

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