Buzzing Fuel Pump? 88 90q

Richard Beels dare2dream at
Wed Dec 18 14:35:57 EST 2002

only in the summer when it's not raining!  :-)

as for buzzing, they all do it to an extent - even Pierburgs.  Note that if
you do go from a Bosch to a Pierburg, you'll need to adapt your wiring as
the Ps, use different connectors.  They are reputed to be silent since they
are a smaller pump and come with a rubber insulating sleeve so they fit the
mounting clip.  First P pump died in 11 months on a hot summer day, no
doubt the pump was hotter inside the insulating sleeve.  I installed the
free second pump (gotta love that 12 month guarantee) with only enough of
the sleeve to mount it.  It lasted a whole 13 months.  I then purchased a
new Bosch pump (gotta hate those 12 month guarantees) and it's been over a
year and it hardly even buzzes.

for the truly curious, an archive search of "fuel pump buzz" or "fuel pump
buzzing" should find hours of enjoyment.

At 12/17/2002 at 00:02, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Huw Powell's
keyboard and said:

> > I don't know if you have the "intank pump" or not.
>not on the small cars from back then, no... they hang in little cradles
>down by the rear wheel where it's all warm and dry and cozy and safe.


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