200q 10v head stud replacement tips needed

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Wed Dec 18 16:50:06 EST 2002

> Next question- Can a stud hole be welded closed then retapped? The #1
> cylinder broke the lower stud (most likely), then the top one
> stripped the threads out clean. It no longer takes the M8(?) stud.
> Hoping to get it to seal, I tapped it for M10 bolts, but the gasket
> had blown out already. Should I stick with an M10 stud and nut, or
> should I go to have the hole welded and retap it?

You can get stepped studs pretty easily, I think - ones that are one
size one way, another the other way (ie 10mm/8mm).

I think the way to fix those holes, though, is to get the holes

Huw Powell



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