20V in 4000Q

Aaron Gibson crankshaft at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 18 15:47:26 EST 2002

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> Hi Javad,
> I would agree that the turbo conversion makes alot of sense from a HP
> point of view.BUT if I run the 20V NA for a year or 2 then I can pull
> the head and attach it to an NF block! Am I starting to make sense?
> 20V turbo engines are pricey and I'm not paying  $3000 for one. I'm
> buying myself some time to get all the parts together and finally
> ditch the CIS system. When I
> move and have a decent garage I can tear into the project. My lower
> end is starting to knock so I need to do something
> pretty soon and I'm not going to waste my time putting another tractor
> motor into it. Anyway you need that HP out in your neck of the woods
> to fight off the SUV driving soccer moms. I drive on alot of dirt
> roads and believe me 162 HP is alot of fun. Sideways and wide open is
> the only way to go! Anyway do you have any idea what bearing I would
> need for the crank on the 7A? I want to use the stock 7A Flywheel and
> remove the roller bearing.
> Regards,
> Aaron

JShadzi at aol.com wrote:

> Yes, all the B3 cars like the 80/90/CQ use the 01A tranny which uses a
> different "flat" flywheel as opposed to the "brake drum" shaped
> flywheel of the 016 cars.  It's not so dependent on the motor as the
> tranny, either the 01A or the 016 will work with any of the 5 cyl.
> cars, and some parts can even be interchanged as Ben has found out.
> Basically, in a 4kq, I'd recommend using the 016 tranny with
> associated flywheel and clutch parts, you'll just need to ensure that
> the correct needle bearing can be fit into the end of the crank, as
> the 01A uses a sealed pilot bearing in the flywheel, not in the crank
> as the earlier cars do.  Either way, the 016 input shaft extends into
> the crank, so a needle bearing will be necessary.
> Also, I'll add in my usual IMO, I don't believe a 20v motor in a 4kq
> would be very satisfactory or much better than a massaged 2.3 10v
> motor, if you're going to do a motor swap, the turbo motor makes SOO
> much more sense from a power standpoint, some say they don't like
> turbo lag, but I don't like torque lag either, and if you've ever
> driven a 20v you'll know the suckers don't really start making power
> until past 4k rpm, which makes them worse than even the laggiest turbo
> motors, and once they are on full song, you've got a whole 160hp,
> hardly enough to keep me entertained too long, and Aaron, you've
> driven a turbo car, I can't imagine you'll ever be able to go back,
> Muhahahha!  =)
> Javad
> In a message dated 12/17/2002 8:23:16 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> benswann at comcast.net writes:
>> Javad - correct if I'm wrong - the 20V setup is the same as the 90Q,
>> correct?


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