5kcstq lightweight flywheel conversion

DeWitt Harrison Six-Rs at attbi.com
Wed Dec 18 20:18:13 EST 2002

This conversion consists of substituting '89 thru '91 3B/MC
clutch/flywheel parts for pre '89 MC parts. The newer flywheel
is flat having eliminated the heavy (3.2 kg) band of metal on the
perimeter which gives the old flywheel the "dished" character.
I don't know what the VIN breakpoint is but, in either case, the
updated tranny is essentially the good ol' 016 with different clutch
release mechanism parts.

The motivation for this conversion is precisely to get rid of
that approximately 7 lb. of rotating mass which, sitting at the
maximum flywheel radius, contributes significant torsional
inertia to the crankshaft.

Having now btdt, it is my belief that the minimum number
of parts required to perform this conversion consists of
only the newer clutch disk, pressure plate and flywheel.
Even the old clutch disk p/n could be used except for the
gear rattle problem associated with the lighter flywheel.
In other words, this is a dirt-simple, no brainer mod.

I chose to update the release assembly as well as to renew
other related parts at the same time as indicated by the
parts list below. However, the original release mechanism
should work perfectly except the release bearing should
obviously be renewed for either approach. Old and new
release bearings and levers are different. The pilot bearing
and other part numbers do not change. This is
designated by  "(stock)" appended to the line item.

qty.  part                 p/n                     factory list price each
1   flywheel              034 105 270 S   $385.70
8   flywheel bolts      N 902 061 03    $    2.30 (stock, new style)
6   press. plate bolts N 014 739 2      $    0.52 (stock)
1   pilot bearing        046 105 313 D  $  12.65 (stock)
1   guide tube           016 141 181      $  14.55 (stock)
1   release lever        016 141 719 A  $  20.15
1   lever pivot pc.     016 141 751      $    1.50
1   retaining spring    088 141 721      $    1.90 (stock)
1   retaining plate      088 141 737      $      ?    (stock)
1   clutch kit (Sachs 3000 455 001)    $650.00
         1 clutch disk        035 141 033 H (7 spring)
         1 release bearing 01E 141 165 B
         1 pressure plate   035 141 118
      (Sorry, I don't have the Audi p/n for this kit but
       Rod at the Parts Connection sure does, along
       with a way mo'betta price.)

 1. The plastic pivot piece for the release lever must be updated
if the release lever, etc., is being updated.
 2. The family album parts diagram for the newer, e.g. '91 200,
setup shows a different retaining spring for the release lever pivot
than the old one. The Bentley for the newer cars warns that you
should avoid this newer spring and stay with the old spring plus
securing plate. In other words, reuse your original parts. The new
springy dingy must have proved to be a step backwards.
3. Use a little molly grease on the guide tube and between the
pivot piece and release lever.
4. Use molly-disulfide powder/paste on the clutch disk splines.
This is included in the Sachs kit.
5. Torque for the new style (shoulder bolts with pre-applied
threadlocker) flywheel bolts is given as 74 ft-lb. Yes, those little
puppies are grade 12.9. The socket head, pressure plate bolts
get 18 ft-lb.

Impressions: with pedal to the metal, when the turbo kicks in,
it does so with a more authority. Feels like an extra pound of
boost maybe. I would put this conversion in the category of
"refinements." It doesn't provide the kind of "wow" factor you
experienced when you chipped up the boost the first time.
If you are looking at a clutch job, however, for the price of
the a new flywheel, you can trim a bit more off the old
5kcstq "slug effect." I suspect the folks out there who have
opted to convert to the snappy little turbos would probably
get the more bang out of this mod than the old big turbo crowd.
I have experienced no gear rattle at idle which reportedly is
an issue if you fail to update the clutch disk to the 7 spring,
vibration damping design.

Disclaimer: If you are silly enough to take the above at face
value without doing your own homework and checking my
facts, then the devil take you. But, hopefully, this should
simplify your research effort.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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