Diagnostic Help Needed on NA 88 5KSQ

b1biker b1biker at neb.rr.com
Wed Dec 18 23:14:14 EST 2002

Just spent the past 5 days rebuilding the drivers side front suspension.
Took the car out for a test drive, all seemed well but it was really low on
fuel. On my way to the station it started to sputter and didn't have any
power when pulling away from stop lights. I filled up thinking that it was
just not getting adequate fuel supply. After fueling I took the car out for
a long drive. It runs fine at stable speeds but lacks power for
acceleration; it seems that it is missing under hard acceleration. I haven't
had time to check out anything under the hood but plan to do so tomorrow.
Any advice from the list as to what to check first will be greatly
Gary Meier
82 Coupe, 84 4KS, 88 5KSQ

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