cyclops 100q

pasquale pilato pasqualep99 at
Wed Dec 18 21:37:28 EST 2002

My 1990 100q developed a broken headlight while I was
changing the fuel filter (I had the car paralyzed for
2 weeks, light broke after 2 weeks of sitting).  What
I mean by broken is that the passenger side headlight
does not work on the low beam setting, but the high
beams do work.  I looked and the electrical connection
to the light housing is tight.

I'm just wondering if I need to replace head lamplamp
or if I'm missing something simple.

PS has anyone driven for a while with the stock high
beams on.  Tonight I did just I didn't have to drive
with 1 headlight and I didn't get a single flash, and
some drivers even took their high beams off for me.
Just wondering, its good money to replace one of those


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